The Best Treatments For Stretch Marks


The Best Treatments For Stretch Marks: How To Effectively Get Rid Of Them Stretch marks are normally not noticeable and will usually fade with time. If your stretch marks affect large areas of your body, and you are worried about how they will affect your appearance, there are quite a number of treatments for stretch marks available. However, there’ still … Read More

Frotox Is The New Botox?


Move over Botox; seems like Frotox is pulling on headlines as the better alternative to Botox – a treatment that works just the same as its predecessor, but with minus the toxins seeping into the veins. Read on, to find out more. Botox have been regarded as the gold standard when it comes to anti-aging for couple of years now. People … Read More

Licorice Protects The Skin From UV-Induced After Effects


Apart from your trusted sunscreen, an extract from licorice may provide an added boost in sun protection and UV radiation for your skin, as a study from Experimental Dermatology found in application of licorice extracts. Read on. From the moment a UV ray hits your skin, the cells surrounding the affected area will starts a complex skin healing and repairing … Read More

Types Of Scars – Get To Know Them


The imperfections and dots that marred what otherwise a smooth and supple complexion should be erased immediately. Unless it’s a battle scar that you can flash with proud, other type of scar should be treated accordingly, by identifying the types for the right treatment. Acne scar – we all have it and believe it or not, it’s quite tricky than … Read More

Decoding Your Beauty Jar


Finding the right skin care products that work is hard enough without trying to decipher the tongue-twisting-sounding names that you see in the ingredients list (not to mention the handful of suggestions from the salesperson!). We understand, it’s simply difficult as each of us is unique. To simplify, why not read this piece – a handy guide for you to … Read More

Dermal Fillers can treat Acne Scars


Probably by now you can put your umpteenth skin-toned benzoyl peroxide rest in peace, as using dermal fillers especially for improving the unsightly appearances of acne scars for adults more than 21 years old. Here are the in-depth stories about the latest approach for those pesky red poppers. And the good news? It’s permanent and FDA-approved. Made and developed by … Read More