Dermal Fillers can treat Acne Scars


Probably by now you can put your umpteenth skin-toned benzoyl peroxide rest in peace, as using dermal fillers especially for improving the unsightly appearances of acne scars for adults more than 21 years old. Here are the in-depth stories about the latest approach for those pesky red poppers. And the good news? It’s permanent and FDA-approved.

Made and developed by privately held Suneva Medical Inc, the collagen filler is made from a mix of collagen and no absorbable polymethylmethacrylate microsphere beads complete with small amount of lidocaine, intended for moderate to severe cases of acne scars. Initially these fillers were used for nasolabial folds in aesthetic procedures.

As with other invasive injections, side effects are there, which include noticeable lumps at the treated area, swelling and bruising (which can be pain to touch), itching, and redness surrounding the area, which your doctor will apply some numbing cream and ice packs to reduce any discomfort. Still, these effects are quite transient and will fade to oblivion within a week.

There’s also a potential allergy risk with any of the ingredients used in the filler like lidocaine of even bovine products so your doctor will make a patch test beforehand.

Side effects aside, the good thing about these procedures is they give near-instant results for a smoother-looking skin and the filler continues to mold and modify themselves for the next few months as they tend to stimulate your own collagen production and stretching of the fibroblasts with the filler.

The dose required for acne scars varied greatly according to their types (do you have icepick, rolling and boxcar acne scars?) and severity of your condition and of course, there’s also a possibility that you have all of three types of acne scars, which require a thorough examination and consultation.

A word of caution though, as mentioned before, the treatment is reserved and approved for adults above 21 years old. And the safety of these procedures hasn’t been established for age less than intended, as well as breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.

This is certainly good news. After the long battle of treating acne and their scars for good with wide range of treatments (how many acne products have we purchased since they arrived on our skin?). And you don’t have to ‘live with it’ like what others might say to you, whenever you moan and complain about these red bumps and lumps.


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