5 Ways to Attack Bacne


After being vigilant of keeping acnes from your face out of sight, unknowingly it creeps out on your back. And it’s big, in hard to reach areas. How is this possible? Read on to find out.

Well, since acne forms on your skin, whenever your body has one, that’s where the zit will pop out (hence it means, anywhere, including down there). Taking care of your skin and protecting from acne to starts come out shouldn’t be limited to your face (though it’s hard to say that, since most skin care tips focus solely on the face), your body needs enough amount of TLC as well.

Unlike the usual acne issues we get on the face, usually is yeast that causes to get back acne (or bacne, for short) and the course of action is a bit different than the traditional acne we use to encounter. Instead of reaching the first benzoyl peroxide you can find, treating bacne should be thorough and all-around to combat these poppers to the core.

As with the cleansers that we choose to treat acne (especially for serious cases), pick cleansers specially designed to treat and eliminate bacne. These products are formulated to unclog pores and kill yeast that causes these bacne on the first place. Ingredients to look for is pyrithinone zinc and benzoyl peroxide (there is it again!) to do the job. Use them every time during the shower and work the product gently into that acne.

If your bacne is quite severe and stubborn to get rid of, you might want to get some special treatment by visiting a dermatologist for a facial, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels until your bacne clears up for good.

And don’t forget sunscreen! Apart from breaking down your skin, UV rays will temporarily suppress your immune system, giving those yeast a chance to thrive themselves in a party.

Keeping your back free from sweat, dirt and oil should be on your constant watch as long as you’re treating your bacne (we don’t want to aggravate the problem further, do you?) as these germs thrive in one. Wash yourself immediately after strenuous activities that make you sweaty and strenuous activities and keep them dry and fresh afterwards.

All in doing the routine mentioned here, a change in your diet will certainly help you in the long run – keeping bacne from having another shot. Switch excess sugar and oils (that’s what yeast love to have) to less carb, more proteins and plenty of plain water to flush out toxins, lessens the rate of inflammations and certainly hindering yeast from germinating to other areas of your back – which is the last thing you need.

There you have it, simple tips yet certainly essential in keeping your bacne in check. After it clears up, you can rock out some halter tops that certainly show off some healthy skin!


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