Anti-Ageing Tips And Quick Fixes


I know, if you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’re living in fast-paced, stressful live that you don’t have time to truly take care of your skin. Read on!

Be cool, so you’ve heard enough of anti-aging tips and recommendations from all over the place that you think it’s more than enough, at the moment. And you’re doing it! Not to worry because I’m not going to ‘preach’ the usual anti-aging tips and trick but instead, few tips of quick fixes to fake a youthful look.

See your eyes in the mirror? Do they look as youthful (or at least aging gracefully) or full with eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles? While the skin surrounding the eye area is the thinnest and most vulnerable for the damages to show up (and also at most time the slowest to heal), you can cover it up while still ongoing with your eye treatment.

A quick application of concealer will certainly do the trick. The key is to choose the kind that have light-reflecting particles (the words to look for is illuminating, light-reflecting, and radiance) that gives your dark circles a brighter look. Top it off with a translucent powder to set the concealer.

Call it what you want – crow’s feet, frown line, or Marionette lines – they’re still wrinkles and it’s not something that you can proud of. As you age, collagen and elastin fibers start to break down and coupled with the muscles remembers the motion

Crow’s feet, fine lines, and frown lines — you’re familiar with the various names given to wrinkles. Even in your 20s, you may notice a few lines on your forehead or around your eyes. As you age, the collagen fibers responsible for a plumpness and volume starts to break down. Muscle memory is also responsible for some of those wrinkles; essentially, every time you frown, you’re teaching your skin to remember those lines.

To fix it, apply a hyaluronic acid beauty serum for near-instant skin plumping (three drops is enough for the effect) and smooth your skin with a primer as it works to give your skin a smooth surface and fill up superficial wrinkles and making deep ones less visible.

The trick is not to massage the primer but instead hold and rock back and forth until the primer absorbs well into your skin. Do the same with an eye primer made for the eye area.

If you don’t use primer for the eyes, it’s better to adjust your eye makeup routine by not drawing an eyeliner or mascara to the lash line so people don’t pay attention to the wrinkles on the eye area.

Your hands looking older than your face? Probably if you don’t give your hands the equal treatment and plus, your hands are more exposed to harsh air and pollution than you’d expect (not to mention the household jobs containing harsh chemicals).

For instant, quick fix, I recommend a rich lotion to smooth over your hand for smooth and plump skin (try vitamin C, rich emollients like shea butter, and hyaluronic acid lotions) and get your nails done to distract the eye of the beholder from staring at blue veins and wrinkles. The same rule also applies to the skin surrounding the neck and chest.

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