Ferulic Acid Review


We Love Ferulic Acid. Here’s Why

Here comes the latest addition to famous acids for your skin – ferulic acid gets into the inner circle, and now a touted to be the ‘must-have’ for your skin care routine. What’s the fuss all about? Read on to find out more.

Ferulic acid is a type of organic compound and antioxidant derived from a plant (from a bran, to be specific) that gives off all of the benefits an antioxidant would, coupled with sun-protecting power (and get this) giving your vitamin E cream a boost and their stability for your skin. They are typically found in cell walls like wheat, rice, bran, and even oranges, with the ability to attack and neutralize different types of free radicals like nitric oxides, radicals of hydroxyls, and superoxides.

In fact, ferulic acid is purported to be powerful more than the ever-popular antioxidant trio of vitamin A, C, E; the acid even go as far as stabilizing and boosting the trio’s capabilities by working in sync to give you all of the benefits of these vitamins – skin brightening, healing, and collagen production at optimal level are some of the benefits associated with these vitamins.

As proven in one of the formulation from SkinCeuticals, Ferulic Acid added to 15% of pure vitamin Cand 1% of vitamin E is enough to double up the potency of the vitamin-mix.

Referred as a superantioxidant, ferulic acid can help your skin to reverse damages caused from the environmental assaults – that’s certainly a start to keep your skin young. So don’t be surprised that hundreds of skin care products have ferulic acid in them because the acid really works for your skin.

Currently there are two kinds of the acid itself – you have natural ferulic acid while there is also trans ferulic acid. Both of these acids are natural, only the way they are used, based on their chemical structure. Trans ferulic acid is commonly in supplements, usually marketed as an anti-aging supplement while you can find the natural ones in topical products, also marketed mainly for anti-aging.

Still, the use of the acid is not widespread enough and limited to high-end prices, usually in the form of serum. Products like Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid containing retinol as a perfect combination in anti-aging regime, C E Ferulic from SkinCeuticals for skin repair, protection and maintenance.  Though a bit pricey, these products are no doubt will work on your skin and enjoy all of the benefits from ferulic acid.



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